Mike Seymour's industry website also contains many articles on digital humans.

fxguide Site

fxguide articles on faces


Light Stage: USC ICT

A deep dive into the award-winning technology and innovation of the Light Stage at USC ICT for face scanning.

The Art of Digital Faces at ICT

Making Thanos

A deep dive into the new Thanos face pipeline from the Avengers: Infinity War film at Digital Domain.

Making Thanos' face

Pinscreen at Real Time Live

SIGGRAPH AI for VFX:  with face generation and animation at Pinscreen (at Real Time Live).

Pinscreen Live

Avatars and Agents: BabyX

A  detailed technical look at "Creating Connection with Autonomous Facial Animation" and BabyX.


Activision’s Virtual Human ‘Emotion Challenge’

A look at Activision's quest for realistic characters lead to the Emotion Challenge.

Activision Face Pipeline

High End Faces R&D from Disney Research

A look at some of the exceptional industry focused research being published by Disney Research Zurich.

Disney Research Zurich